RetroGuide and other DSS projects

There is a good article about a DSS engine: (SAGE)

P. Ram, D. Berg, S. Tu, G. Mansfield, Q. Ye, R. Abarbanel, and N. Beard, “Executing Clinical Practice Guidelines Using the SAGE Execution Engine,” Medinfo, vol. 2004, pp. 251-5, 2004

RetroGuide can model DSS logic and execute it retrospectively(with some contrains) and prospectively.

For example Ram’s example here

scr 2009-06-18, 11_55_32

would looke like this in XPDL (TIBCO – for colors):

scr 2009-06-18, 11_54_39

SAGE’s decision maps can be similarly represented as subflows. Rule-in and Rule-out contructs would require additional flowchart logic, but it could be generally done.

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