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XPDL file(s)

July 17, 2009

The linked file(s) do not represent all the processes we work on but give us a chance to send an link in an email with at least some example.



(for optimal viewing: in Jawe 1.4, go to File – Configuration – Object sizes and change activity width to 110 and activity height to 60)

(this file contains library of RGEA – external apps called from within the nodes)

Use JaWE 1.4 to open them. Installer can be found here:


There are some TIBCO examples.


Research alerts

July 14, 2009

Imagine this:

waiting room kiosk message:  “Based on your EHR profile, you qualify for the following clinical trials:

1. heart failure study

2. chronic back pain study

Or this:

next kiosk screen: Thank you for expressing interest in participating in chronick back pain study. Please answer the following 2 questions for further eligibility determination:

1. Our EHR records indicate one acute attack of back pain. Did you have other episodes (undocumented  in EHR record tethered to “NextGen” Clinic ?  (YES    NO)

2. Did you take any OTC medication for back pain in the last 6 months?   (YES  NO)

Arden syntax decision support modules were used to notify research coordinators about elligible patients in the past.

RetroGuide is an attempt to adress this problem as well.

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