Levels of use and extensibility

EA=External application

1         Usage levels of the HealthFlow system

A higher level can always utilize strategies and applications from all lower usage levels.

During the last 6 years of developing the HF system, each usage level was populated with a set of EAs, however each level can evolve and have additional capabilities added.

1.1      Simple

EA Simple set

e.g., FindDiagnosis, ReverseFindDiagnosis,JumpToLastEHREvent

Current Position pointer concept built into all RGEAs calls (“strict pointer mode”)

Pointer jumps operations are necessary

Extremely limited use of variables

1.2      Advanced

EA Advanced set – more control over

e.g., FindEvent

Frequent use of variables

Pointer behavior can be modified to fit user needs (both strict and custom pointer mode possible)

Ability to export data using the data export tool (previous name “RGAdmin”)

1.3      Ultimate

EA Ultimate set

e.g., FindEventAdvanced  (level 8), FindandAnalyze

ability to do compute sums and averages on numerical data

use of HealthFlow Ontology to generate valuesets

use of loops and calculated nodeIDs

2         Extending the HealthFlow system

2.1      Extended usage level

Custom EA going after external data (requires collaboration with a programmer)

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  1. Glabydads Says:

    Lots of people blog about this subject but you wrote down some true words.

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