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Example: Representing logic for genetic counselling referral

February 12, 2010

Red node is subflow
major and minor are counts of major items or minor items.
e.g., history of breast cancer under age 50 is major risk item

RetroGuide example: Executing an analytical healthcare workflow process

January 16, 2009

Below are some examples execution of a  workflow process against EHR data.

Only very limited parts shown.

Diabetes example: (summary report)



Osteoporosis example: (detailed report)


Example: Diabetes QI measure

December 10, 2008

Diabetes QI measure


Main diagram:








Example: Chronic kidney disease progression

December 10, 2008

Most workflow products do not support multiple start point.
In guideline community it is called multiple entry points into the guideline.
This is not so far possible directly. You have to consolidate all start points into one and then put arrows (which has impact on clinician-friendliness of the flowchart).