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Workflow mining in healthcare

November 20, 2008

nice examples are:


[1]        L. Maruster and d. Aalst Wil van, “Discovering of workflow models from hospital data,” Proceedings of the ECAI Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Spatial Data (W12), 21-26 juli 2002, Lyon, pp. 77-84, 2002


[2]        W. M. P. van der Aalst, T. Weijters, and L. Maruster, “Workflow Mining: Discovering Process Models from Event Logs,” IEEE Transactions on Knowldedge and Data Engineering, vol. 16, pp. 1128-36, 2004


[3]        d. Aalst Wil van, “Business alignment: using process mining as a tool for Delta analysis and conformance testing,” 2005




Same-schema-integration of RetroGuide and i2b2

November 19, 2008

i2b2 is a biomedical informatics project around EHR and genomic data. (

RG schema can be saved into i2b2 form.
The BLOB in observation table can be used to store XML data from columns of RG schema which i2b2 does not have.

The demo data do not provide examples of the BLOB structure.

RetroGuide update: v2.6

November 6, 2008

Simulating engine execution in R:


RetroGuide versions

November 6, 2008


initial design


final Utah version


initial prototype in Wisconsin, use of R
maintained and used despite v3.0


transition to Java as a language for RGEAs, better integration with the workflow engine

XPDL 2.1 technical specifications

November 4, 2008



full URL:


about the document linked above:

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HTML documentation of the schema: