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Preferred Concept Ancestor/Parent

December 20, 2011

In a recent process mining effort, I saw and interesting problem.

In order to simplify a log, it is important to transform events (e.g., Ultrasound of Abdomen) to a less granular events in order to make the process instances more similar to each other. But how to choose the correct ancestor concept for that – should it be Ultrasound study or Radiology Report (any one of them) or should be imaging of abdomen.

The two approaches I ended up with is a choosing a preferred hierarchy level for a given domain (e.g., anti-infectives level for drugs) or go by parent with a certain among of descendant concepts. (e.g., concepts with 500 descendant concepts are too broad parents) Solving it for any concept is not so trivial.

Does your IDR support well terminology abstractions of this kind?