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Process mining and chronic kidney disease

February 19, 2009

This post serves as supplementary material for a conference submission.
The provided details are updated as our work progresses.

MXML data mining format schema diagram:


ProM tool screenshots:







ProHealth 2007

February 13, 2009

informal proceedings (86 pages)

ProHealth 2008 workshop

February 13, 2009

Very interesting collection of workflow papers.

Human Clinome project

February 12, 2009

Very interesting new term is defined by Yuval Shahar in 

Altman RB, Balling R, Brinkley JF, Coiera E, Consorti F, Dhansay MA, et al. Commentaries on “Informatics and medicine: from molecules to populations”. Methods Inf Med 2008;47(4):296-317.


which responds to this:

Kuhn KA, Knoll A, Mewes HW, Schwaiger M, Bode A, Broy M, et al. Informatics and medicine–from molecules to populations. Methods Inf Med 2008;47(4):283-95.


editorial on both articles is here:

where clinom is again mentioned