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Workflow Patterns

December 11, 2008

  A. H. M. t. H. N. Russell, W.M.P. van der Aalst, and N. Mulyar., “Workflow Control-Flow Patterns: A Revised View ” in BPM Center Report BPM-06-22, 2006.


Basic Control-flow


1. Sequence

11. Implicit Termination

2. Parallel Split

43. Explicit Termination

3. Synchronization

Multiple Instances

4. Exclusive Choice

12. MI without Synchronization

5. Simple Merge

13. MI with a pri. Design Time Knl

Advanced Synchronization

14. MI with a pri. Runtime Knl.

6. Multiple Choice

15. MI without a pri. Runtime Knl.

7. Str Synchronizing Merge

27. Complete MI Activity

8. Multiple Merge

34. Static Partial Join for MI

9. Structured Discriminator

35. Static Canc. Partial Join for MI

28. Blocking Discriminator

36. Dynamic Partial Join for MI

29. Cancelling Discriminator


30. Structured Partial Join

16. Deferred Choice

31. Blocking Partial Join

39. Critical Section

32. Cancelling Partial Join

17. Interleaved Parallel Routing

33. Generalized AND-Join

40. Interleaved Routing

37. Local Sync. Merge

18. Milestone

38. General Sync. Merge


41. Thread Merge

19. Cancel Activity

42. Thread Split

20. Cancel Case


25. Cancel Region

10. Arbitrary Cycles

26. Cancel MI Activity

21. Structured Loop


22. Recursion

23. Transient Trigger


24. Persistent Trigger


WCP02 Parallel Split, WCP43 Explicit Termination

December 10, 2008

see pic:


WCP01 Sequence

December 10, 2008

see pic:


Example: Diabetes QI measure

December 10, 2008

Diabetes QI measure


Main diagram:








Example: Chronic kidney disease progression

December 10, 2008

Most workflow products do not support multiple start point.
In guideline community it is called multiple entry points into the guideline.
This is not so far possible directly. You have to consolidate all start points into one and then put arrows (which has impact on clinician-friendliness of the flowchart).


Workflow editor test drive: Tibco (community edition)

December 10, 2008

See picture


Workflow editor test drive: Fujitsu

December 10, 2008

See the picture:


XSD schema for standardizing workflow logs

December 1, 2008

This is very interesting standardizing effort.

The schema is used by ProM tool.

See a preview here:


Or a full schema documentation here:

ProM workflow mining tool

December 1, 2008

is an interesting tool